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Good dental care is dependent upon the knowledge, training, experience and skillset of your dental professionals.  These attributes, together with the ability to accurately diagnose and competently treat problems, are necessary to successfully manage your care.  New technologies, appropriately applied, serve to enhance our skills and improve the care you receive.

Digital Dental Xrays

We have incorportated digital xrays as part of our examination process.  Digital xrays use computerized sensors to generate xray images of teeth, and replace traditional xrays created on film and developed using chemicals in dark rooms.  At Couch Dental, we use both intraoral (inside the mouth) and extraoral (panoramic) digital xray systems.


Many patients are concerned with radiation exposure when having xrays of their teeth made.  Digital xray images require up to 90% less radiation than traditional film-based dental xrays, making radiation exposure miniscule.  In fact, the average person receives more radiation per day from natural resources (just living and breathing on Earth for a day!) than he or she would receive from all the xrays images we create in our office during a routine examination.  We can say with confidence that routine digital dental xrays are completely safe, and that the risks of not receiving a complete dental exam using this diagnostic tool far outweighs any negligible risk of creating xray images.
Another benefit of digital images over traditional film-based xrays is the ability to manipulate the image to improve the information it contains.  Digital images can be enhanced and enlarged to completely fill our 17 inch computer monitors.  As a result, we have more information which improves our ability to locate potential problems.  Patients also enjoy being able to see large images during discussions of their teeth, which aids in  understanding of their oral health.

Digital images can also be transferred more easily between your dentist and any specialists to which you may be referred, with less concern regarding degradation of the image during reproduction.  This lessens the need for as many re-takes of radiographs, thereby decreasing radiation exposure even further.

"Paperless" Charting

We have taken major steps to reduce the amount of paperwork generated in our office.  Our team uses advanced computer software to manage patient clinical and account information.  Your private health information is encrypted on our computer system, and is safeguarded from unauthorized use.
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